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Team Formation

LSC Team Formation Policy

1. Team Formation:

1.1 The Club shall form teams in a manner consistent with PYSA policies.

1.2 The Club is the final arbiter of team formation. The Registrar has full discretion in assigning players to teams, consistent with the club policies. The Registrar may consult the President for certain aspects of team formation.

1.3 The Club strives to enable and encourage participation by as many youth in our community as possible.

1.4 The Club strives to form as many teams as possible, consistent with minimum roster size guidelines.

1.5 For the PYSA league:

(a) Roster sizes shall not exceed two times (2x) the maximum number of players that can be playing at one time in a match situation.

(b) Players shall be grouped into teams based on locality of residence, school attended, team history, or by lot. The club will consider forming teams based upon personal preference as long as the club believes it is not an attempt at player selection based on merit or on illegally discriminatory or unethical criteria.

(c) In the event of two teams in the same division that differ markedly in competitiveness, the club shall make an effort to equalize their competitiveness. This may take the form of assigning new players with more experience to the less competitive team, or other mechanisms.

(d) Notwithstanding section 1.5(c), the Club may permit an existing team formed under recreational guidelines to stay together.

2. Risk Management:

No coach, assistant coach or volunteer may participate with any player on the field, at practice or on game day, at any time without first being registered with LSC and a background disclosure form being approved. All teams must have at least two coaches at all times in attendance at practice or on game day.

3. Minimum/Maximum Players Per Team:

The purpose of this section is to identify the minimum and maximum number of players the club will allow on a team. An example might be:

Our club will form as many teams as possible with the minimum number of players listed below whenever possible. This will provide room for additional players to be added throughout the season if necessary. Coaches will be required to take additional players up to the maximum number of players listed below. Above this maximum number players will be added at the coach's discretion.



Age Bracket


School Grade

Game Structure

Suggested-Max Roster


 U761st3 v 310-122 Teams
 U872nd4 v 410-142 Teams
 U983rd7 v 710-14Goalie
 U1094th7 v 710-14Goalie
 U11105th9 v 913-18Goalie
 U12116th9 v 913-18Goalie
 U13127th11 v 1116-18Goalie




11 v 11




4. Procedure to Insure Teams are Formed with Varied Skills and Abilities:

Our club will form teams around elementary school attendance areas within our club (or neighborhoods, communities, etc.). All players from a school will first be placed on a team. If the team is short, then players from another school (at least two to insure they know someone) will be added to bring the team to the minimum number of players required.

5. Procedure in Handling Special Requests:

  • Our club will honor requests by players to return to the team they played on the previous year if that team is continuing and provided registration of that player has been completed by the returning player cutoff date.
  • Our club will honor requests by players to not return to the team they played on the previous year if at all possible.
  • Our club will not guarantee placement on a specific team. Our belief is that teams need to be formed for the benefit of all players, which sometimes precludes individual requests. We believe that no matter what team a child is placed on that he or she will have an opportunity to play soccer in a fun and positive environment.

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