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Frequently Asked Questions

I do not go to Laurelhurst Elementary School, or live in the Laurelhurst neighborhood. Can I still register my child with LSC?

Yes, there are no boundary restrictions with Youth Soccer

My child has never played soccer before and is in the third grade? Can I still register my child for a team?

Yes, our main focus is recreational soccer and offering space to children of all levels and experience.

How do I know what age division to register my child?

The age division is based on the age your child will be when they enter school in the fall. A typical first grader will be 6 which will place them in the U7 category (Under 7). They will stay in that division throughout the year until the following fall when they will move up to U8 and so on. Children are allowed to play up age division if they wish and can play down one age division only under special circumstances. Please call the registrar if that is a request.

I cannot afford the registration cost? Does LSC provide any financial assistance?

Yes, Please contact the registrar via email or phone and that can be applied for the fall season. If you need assistance for the spring season please contact the coach.

What equipment will my child need to play soccer?

You will want your player to have shin guards, cleats and a ball appropriate to the child's age. A water bottle is highly recommended. Please remember to mark all items belonging to your player as many things get left behind at games and practices.

When does registration begin? How do I register my child to play soccer?

Fall registration begins in April and continues throughout the year for any team that has open positions based on roster size and team formation policy. Spring registration opens in January/February.

When does the Fall Rec soccer season start and end? How long is the season?

The Fall season begins in late August and runs through the end of October - beginning of November. The spring season begins in April and ends in May. See for scheduling.

How often do teams practice and where are the practices? When are games held?

U7-U8 teams typically practice once a week with games on Saturday and possibly one Sunday. U9 and older typically practice twice a week with games on Saturday and occasionally on Sunday. Practices are held on various fields throughout the Laurelhurst and Buckman neighborhoods. Locations and time are determined by the coaches of the various teams. There are no spring practices organized by LSC, as the city doesn't provide field permits for soccer programs in the spring.

I have seen or heard that other teams are practicing. Why isn't my child's team on the field?

It is the coaches responsibility to contact all players rostered to their team and inform them of the practice times and location. Some teams will begin practice much earlier than others depending on the coaches’ schedule.

I have not received or heard what the games schedule will be.

The games schedules are created and maintained by PYSA. LSC does not have any involvement with determining the game schedule of any of its teams. Your coach should make the schedule available to you as soon as it is released by PYSA. You can go to the PYSA website and view the schedule once it has been posted.

What should be my expectation from a recreational coach and team?

Coaches should foster a love for the game. Promote good sportsmanship and treat all players with respect. Players should have the opportunity to play 50% of the time over the season. Sometimes in each game, the opportunity does not present itself, and parents should be patient. Provide an environment for player development skills at all positions. Coaches should provide the best opportunity to succeed and teach players how to win and loose with good sportsmanship. Provide all players the opportunity to start in a game. Emphasize team development and lead by example. Represent Laurelhurst Soccer Club as a good steward of the game. To remember this is a recreational game, and above all kids are there is have fun.

What is PYSA?

"Portland Youth Soccer Association" is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1983, through Portland Parks and Recreation, as a collection of independent soccer clubs. In 1997, PYSA separated from Portland Parks and located in the Oregon Sports Services complex. PYSA still maintains a strong partnering relationship with Portland Parks and Recreation.

PYSA is comprised of 18 member clubs and we annually serve approximately 8,000 youth players, 1,000 adult volunteers and 250 youth and adult referees. PYSA is the largest district in Oregon with about 15% of all players statewide.

A Board and a large volunteer base representing by each member club meet monthly to provide structure and input to administer the leagues in PYSA. PYSA administers league play in the fall and spring, and facilities resources to administer summer soccer camps, coach development, referee training.

Member clubs promote to schools within their area, register players, form teams, select coaches, allocate practice fields, and manage uniform and equipment distribution for all players. Club members include coaches, parents and club administrators, all of who strive to provide a positive experience for the players and referees within their club.

I have a preschool age child, is there a program for him?

Our program for 4-5 year old children at LSC is Kinder Kickers.

How are coaches selected?

Coaches are all volunteers, typically associated with a player on the team. We depend greatly on the parent volunteers to make this club run. Without their help we could not function. Coaches have to go through a back ground check and are offered a wide variety of clinic options to hone their coaching skills.

I would like to coach my child's team, but I have never played soccer before.

Can I still coach? Please do sign up. We offer a variety of options and clinics to help you with you coaching endeavor.

I understand that every parent who volunteers with the team needs to complete a background disclosure form. I would like to volunteer, but I am not sure I will pass the background check. What should I do?

Fill out the form as open and honestly as possible, if there is an issue with your background, the service providing the check will contact you, not the club and try to get a clearer picture of the events to verify any possible misunderstanding. If in the end it is not approved, only you and the service will know why.

If I volunteer to coach, do I also have to buy all the equipment for the team?

LSC will provide the coaches with all the gear necessary to run a successful practice and fill their requirement at game time.

My child really wants to play on a soccer team with some of his friends. Can I request this?

You will need to request one individual that you would like to be placed with and that individual would have to request your child as well. Every effort will be made to meet that request, but there are no guarantees. The earlier the two player register, the more likely the request can be met.

How are the teams formed?

New teams are formed first come first serve by registration date and time. Attention to school attendance is made prior to the first cutoff date and until teams are filled to capacity. Existing teams are recreated with returning players given first priority until the first cutoff date and then first come first serve by request until the roster is filled. Remaining players are rostered to fill spaces on the teams. If there are no spaces available, every effort is made to coordinate with other teams in the area to find a space for that player.

How come we can't pick the team we want them to play on?

Teams are created with a specific roster number and it would be impossible to meet every request given. We attempt to meet as many requests as possible but will make no guarantees to anyone.

Can I change teams?

If there is a legitimate reason for changing teams that request will be looked at by the registrar and can be accomplished if there is room on another team.

When there is more than one team in an age group, why don't the teams get re-selected each season?

Over time the players develop a team bond that we like to encourage.

What teams play in tournaments?

Typically the older teams (U9 and up) have the option play in the fall post-season tournament. It is the coaches responsibility to sign their team up for the various tournaments available in our area.

Where do we obtain a uniform?

Uniforms can be purchased Tursi Soccer. 

Is there a Winter season?

No, LSC does not have a winter season. Some teams will play Futsal or indoor soccer, which is organized by the team coaches.

Is there a Spring season?

Yes, it is the fall coaches' and players' responsibility to register for the spring season through LSC's website.

What options do I have beyond the LSC.

There are a variety of options throughout the metro area that include competitive teams, indoor soccer, and futsal to name a few. You can ask your coach and other parents about the various programs. LSC does not promote or recommend any single program.

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