Board Job Descriptions

Board of Directors - Job Descriptions

Elected Officers - Terms are expected to be at least two years

President - The President is the general representative of the Club. The President shall supervise all activities of the club and the work of the officers and the Board. The President is the only officer who must serve on the Board and shall serve as the chair.

Registrar - The Registrar shall supervise and assist in all matters pertaining to the registration of players. The Registrar shall maintain a file, including verification of age, on all players who have registered with the club. The Registrar shall be responsible for insuring that a registered team is in the correct age division and shall submit all final team rosters to the appropriate scheduling league on approved forms.

Treasurer / Secretary - The Treasurer / Secretary shall be responsible for all monies of the Club which shall be deposited in a chartered bank account in the name of the Club. The Treasurer shall prepare an annual budget for the club and report on the status of the budget at the Annual General Meeting in January.

The Board Collectively - shall be the mediator of all grievances brought to the attention of the club.