School Bells 2015

Community Outreach

LSC has made a huge impact during the past 12 years by supplying uniforms & soccer equipment to Belize, through the School Bells project. In 2014 LSC shipped over 4000 athletic items.

In 2015 LSC shipped enough equipment to provide for 25 teams!

2016 Has Been Even Better - 30 Teams!

All equipment is donated.

Thanks again to all of you who help make a difference

Laurelhurst Soccer Club Supports Outreach In Belize

This program will teach kids about the game of soccer and about themselves. It will promote a healthier lifestyle, teach life skills: communication, teamwork, commitment, anticipation and leadership skills. The game will be taught in various ways and through the training a local coach/teacher/parent will coach the kids throughout the school year. The program will be conducted at underserved schools by our Athletic Director; a college graduate, 7-time State, and 2-time Regional Champion, and a 1-time National Finalist, Division 1 soccer player.

Teachers and Students will be taught:
a) Basic Soccer Fundamentals;
b) Advanced soccer drills;
c) Principles of the game;
d) Cardiovascular training; will be implemented.

Throughout the year, School Bells will collect donated items, such as: soccer balls, equipment, jerseys/shirts, shorts, cleats and warm-ups and they will be donated to the schools. LSC along with PYSA have donated used, in good shape, soccer equipment to this program.

LSC has partnered with Wright Business Graphics in order to ship all the donations to School Bells Inc. at a discount.


2016 Uniforms Donated
Truckload / New Gear
LSC Outreach - Belize