Parent and Volunteer Support Information

Coaches are like teachers, we need more of them! We ask that all parents provide active support to their team and coach. For example: in order for your child to play a soccer game, each team needs two coaches, a referee, a timekeeper, and sideline help to monitor kids (5 people helping.) In addition, there should be a team parent to organize non-game day activities. Not only will this lighten the workload on coaches, it allows our children to witness the spirit of volunteering first-hand.

All head coaches, assistant coaches and Kick & Chase coaches who particpate in practices or at games are required to register on-line with LSC so a background check can be performed. The only exception to this are parent volunteers for the Kick & Chase program.

Of course, lots of fans are needed to cheer and encourage the players.

Don't sit on the sidelines! Join in and make the season fun for all.